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Player Representation

We are dedicated to player career progression, personal management and legal protection, so that we can represent athletes to secure contracts with professional teams in both national and international sports leagues. We recognize the value of having a team dedicated entirely to your personal progression. Without player representation, many aspiring athletes would be lost in the complex world of contractual law and contract negotiations and could be at risk of not receiving fair compensation for their performance on the field or court.

Branding & Consulting

Sports branding and consulting is no easy task, but it is essential for the success of our sports agency. Strategic branding and consulting allows us to leverage resources in a smart, meaningful way that benefits our athletes. The right branding and consulting partner can help you maximize ROI, unlock valuable opportunities, deepen fan/customer/sponsor relationships, and grow your career.

Contract Negotiation

The contract negotiation process for sports agents and their high-profile clients can be critical to mutual success. Working with an experienced contract negotiator is essential to ensure that both the client and agent interests are satisfied, while also finding a deal that suits the larger player market. Understanding the importance of contract negotiation helps to maximize the benefits of a player contract and properly protect key contract rights. When done correctly, contract negotiations can lead to improved partnership opportunities, increased revenue returns, and satisfactory terms for all parties involved.

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